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Mark Fishbein was born in a working-class community in Teaneck, NJ during a time when working hard for a living to provide for a family’s well-being was paramount. During Mark’s early days of high school and college, Mark was involved in scholastic sports such as football, basketball, and baseball. Mark went on to play collegiate baseball at Washington University in St. Louis, MO. During these years of involvement in sports, Mark learned to appreciate the value of working hard to accomplish his goals and the value of teamwork. These characteristics have carried over into Mark’s involvement in law with the team at ALTA Estate Services, LLC.

While attending law school at Syracuse University School of Law, NY, Mark gained the skill and understanding of the importance of detail and thoroughness in all legal-related work. These skills have carried over to Mark’s ability today when meeting with clients to create a comprehensive game plan to accomplish a client’s goals. Mr. Fishbein has the unique skills of being able to listen to clients combined with the knowledge and experience to come up with a plan of attack that works for the client’s satisfaction. Clients have continuously responded positively to their interactions with Mark in the free initial consultations and strategy meetings they have attended.

Mark’s father was deeply involved in corporate and transactional business while Mark was growing up which gave Mark the basis of understanding knowledge and experience of working through sophisticated transactional matters and drafting in very straightforward and simple language. This skill has proven extremely valuable to the clients working with ALTA Estate Services, LLC.

However, Mark’s real strength and desires lie in the experiences surrounding the death of his father following his graduation from law school. Mark was left with an extremely complicated and confusing situation of handling his father’s estate administration. Through these experiences learned the value and importance of proper and complete estate planning for the benefit of the client and family members.

Through these various experiences, Mark has gained unique views and value to the benefit of clients. Mark has been recognized over the years by many various professional organizations for his knowledge, skill, and compassion towards clients and the handling of such sensitive legal matters. These organizations include Better Business Bureau of Southern Arizona, Guardianships of Southern Arizona, Special Olympics Organization, and other related professional associations.

ALTA Estate Services BBB A+ Rating

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Mark Fishbein dedicates his efforts to assisting families during times of crisis.


Recently, a family member of a client of ALTA ESTATE SERVICES, LLC of Tucson, Arizona contacted Mark Fishbein by telephone on a Saturday at 2:00 am in the morning to inform him that her father was just taken to the hospital, in critical condition, as a result of a home accident. Mark L. Fishbein responded immediately by going to his office in Tucson, Arizona, and forwarding a copy of the Medical Power of Attorney to the family members of the injured client, at the hospital… For more, click, Here.


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